About Us

River Valley Transit (RVT) is a transit agency operated by the Estuary Transit District. RVT provides a variety of public transportation resources and serves 16 municipalities throughout Middlesex County and parts of New London County. Transportation options include traditional buses, trolleys, shuttles, taxis and paratransit services. Most services are open to the general public with no age or disability restrictions.

Our innovative mobility solutions are a model of efficiency and economy, offering reliable, punctual, and accessible transit solutions for riders throughout our communities. With an extensive network of routes and connection points, RVT is convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective!

RVT’s professional and courteous bus drivers ensure every ride is safe and comfortable while adhering to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. As a unified transit system, RVT streamlines new and existing routes to improve efficiency, offers fare options and provides discounts for passengers.

RVT was formed through a merger on July 1, 2022, which resulted in a strategic union of Middletown Area Transit (MAT) and 9-Town Transit (9TT). Leveraging each transit district’s staff, resources and capabilities, RVT continues identifying new and exciting transportation options to enhance and improve your experience.