Bus Routes

Fixed and deviated fixed-routes run on a published schedule and may be used by flagging down the bus as it nears. No reservations are required for pick ups along the published route. Routes connect at the Middletown Transportation Center, Old Saybrook train station or Madison Scranton Gazebo, where connections can be made between routes. Many routes offer additional connections to other transit services at alternate locations.

  • Using the Schedule

    Each route schedule lists scheduled stops along the route. The time listed is the time the bus will depart the scheduled stop. Locate the scheduled stop nearest your departure point to estimate when it will arrive to your location. Always plan to be outside along the route at least five minutes early.

  • Flag Stops

    RVT route buses operate on a flag stop basis. The bus will stop anywhere it’s safe to do so, unless in a designated no-stop zone as indicated on the route schedule.

    To flag down the bus, simply wave vigorously as the bus approaches. Please be on the same side of the road as the bus, to avoid having to rush to cross the street to catch the bus due to safety reasons. Drivers have the right to deem a stop safe or unsafe for pickup/drop off.

    Do not wait on a curve, near an intersection, on a bridge, or near a guard rail. Buses cannot block a road.

  • Bags and Personal Items

    Limit bags, groceries, personal items, to what you can carry on when you board. Keep items in your lap or on the floor by your feet and keep the aisle clear.

  • By Requet Stops

    Any stop listed as “by request” is not serviced unless requested. To be picked up at a “by request” stop, call dispatch at 860-510-0429 at least 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. To be dropped off at a “by request” stop, inform the driver when you board the bus. There is no additional fare for “by request” stops.

  • Off-Route Service

    In addition to providing service along the published route, certain routes are deviated fixed-routes.  They will provide service off route up to ¾ miles from the published route for an additional fare. All off-route stops must be scheduled by calling RVT’s dispatcher or booking online at least one day prior and require an additional fare. Fixed routes offer ADA complimentary paratransit instead of off-route service.  Refer to your specific route to determine if it is a fixed or deviated-fixed route.

  • Bicycle Racks

    All RVT buses are equipped with bike racks. These racks are available for use at no additional charge.

    How to Use the Bike Racks:

    • As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to load. Remove water bottles, pumps, or other loose items.
    • Inform the driver that you will be loading or unloading a bicycle.
    • Pull the handle in the center of the rack and pull the rack down.
    • Load only from the curb side of the vehicle.
    • Place bicycle in the inside slot of rack of empty.
    • Pull the support arm over the front tire, ensuring that it is not on the fender or frame.
    • After removing your bicycle, pull the handle to lift the rack back up to the stowed position.
  • Accessibility

    Wheelchair lifts are available on all RVT buses and may be used by anyone on request. Drivers are also available to provide assistance to those who need it. Individuals requiring respirators, concentrators, or portable oxygen are permitted to ride. Schedules are available in alternate format on request.  Complimentary ADA Paratransit service is available along fixed route for people who are unable to use the regular fixed route bus due to a disability.

  • Passenger Conduct

    Please adhere to the following guidelines to allow us to better serve you:

    • Have your fare ready before boarding
    • Shirt and shoes are required at all times
    • Weapons, firearms or explosive are prohibited
    • Strollers or shopping carts must be folded prior to boarding and stored out of the aisle
    • Reserve the front seats for seniors and people with disabilities
    • Bags must be limited to what may be carried in one trip and must remain on your lap or the seat next to you
    • No eating or drinking while in the vehicle
    • Talk quietly to others on the bus and while on your cellphone
    • Animals other than service animals must be caged
    • No smoking or using any other tobacco or nicotine products
    • Never cross in front of bus; wait until it has pulled away
    • Please wear headphones when listening to radios or electronic devices
    • Follow the instruction of RVT staff
  • Service Animals

    Service animals are welcomed on all services to assist individuals with disabilities. Service animals are defined as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items. Service animals remain on a leash and/or under the full control of the user at all times.

  • Strollers and Shopping Carts

    Strollers and folding shopping carts are welcome on RVT vehicles.  Please empty and fold the stroller or cart prior to the bus arrival. Store the stroller or cart in the seating area with you, keeping clear of aisles and doorways.  While we are happy to utilize the ramp or lift for you to board with your stroller or cart, we cannot use the ramp to lift your stroller or cart unattended.

  • Where’s My Ride?

    Schedule times are approximate and subject to delays due to poor weather and traffic conditions. Passenger can get the latest schedule information including real-time arrival estimates and see the location of their bus on the Transit app, available for free on Apple and Android devices.

  • Holidays

    RVT does not operate on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Travel Training

    Need help planning your first transit trip? RVT provides free travel training through the Kennedy Center to persons with disabilities and seniors. Their transit experts will plan your trip for you and even ride the first time with you! It’s great for person’s with disabilities or anyone a little nervous about that first ride. Call the Kennedy Collective at (203) 365-8522 extension 265 for more information or visit their website.

  • ADA Paratransit

    Passengers with a disability preventing them from using fixed route service may be eligible for ADA paratransit service. The service is available within ¾ mile of the any fixed route. For more information and to apply for eligibility, visit the Paratransit page.