Transforming Public Transportation

27 June 2023

How River Valley Transit is Redefining the Commuting Landscape 

In July 2022, Middletown Transit District (MTD) and Estuary Transit District (ETD) merged to enhance local transportation networks and resource-sharing. Uniting and rebranding as River Valley Transit (RVT), this new transit district revolutionizes public transportation, enhances efficiencies, and improves service delivery. Operating in Middlesex and parts of New London Counties, RVT offers diverse transportation options in 16 municipalities.  

RVT, under the guidance of a financially responsible board, embarked on a journey to transform the current transit systems, which included a strategic approach to budgeting, efficient cost management, and eliminating redundancies. The merger also catalyzed an ambitious growth strategy focused on integrating state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, launching innovative technology, and improving employee satisfaction. This plan led to substantial cost reductions in fleet maintenance, technology, and capital investments. 

Central to RVT’s philosophy is its commitment to its staff. By creating growth opportunities and fostering a conducive work environment, RVT has succeeded in retaining a skilled workforce. This has ensured that every role is fulfilled by employees with the experience and expertise that lead to optimal service delivery. 

Since the inception of RVT, riders are experiencing significant improvements, including innovative mobility solutions, two zero-emission buses debuting in 2024, user-friendly applications, and expanded service areas.  

RVT’s commitment to service excellence is evident in its emphasis on safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness, which enhance the commuting experience. Riders can enjoy this transformation through RTV’s suite of transportation options, including traditional buses, trolleys, shuttles, on-demand transit, and paratransit services.  

RVT encourages community participation in designing the future of public transportation. We want to hear from you as we continue enhancing our services.  

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Enjoy the ride.